Domain extensions guide — What you need to know before you pick a domain name

This post was originally published on April 24, 2019, and was updated on March 24, 2021.

Whether it’s for a business or blog, or you just want your own slice of the internet, your domain is your digital address online. If your domain is your address, your domain extension is like your ZIP code in that it gives your website visitors a little more information about you.

In the beginning of the internet age, domain extensions were extremely limited. As Make Use Of tells it, “In 1984, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) established the first six domain extensions: .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .org and .net. Shortly after, the first two-character country code domain extensions (like .uk and .us) were established. In 1988, .int was also introduced.”

Fast forward to today, and your domain and your domain extensions can be just as unique, and … Read the rest

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Why Online Presence Is Essential For Small Business Success

You finance your fitness rental equipment as one package at a low rate, and then you rent it out to your clientele at a much higher rate, providing them a service they can afford.

small business ideas for students

To say U.S. small businesses are struggling in this economy is an understatement. Some small businesses are further financed through credit card debt—usually a poor choice, given that the interest rate on credit cards is often several times the rate that would be paid on a line of credit at a bank or a bank loan Recent research suggests that the use of credit scores in small business lending by community banks is surprisingly widespread. Moreover, the scores employed tend to be the consumer credit scores of the small business owners rather than the more encompassing small business credit scores that include data on the firms as well as on the … Read the rest

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The true cost of a “quick change” for web designers and developers

If you’re like most web freelancers who’ve been around the block, you’ve done plenty of small freebie jobs for clients, friends and family, and maybe even for former clients. In fact, you may even have built entire websites for free.

I’ve been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt.

We need to talk about boundaries, the value of time and the true cost of a quick change for web designers and developers when you’re doing things properly.

Can you make a “quick change” as web designers and developers?

Recently I had a client — somewhat apologetically — cancel their $40/month “website maintenance & content updates” package with me as they were cutting costs. Hey, it’s COVID times out there, I truly understand. But a couple of weeks later, the now-former client emailed to ask if I could make “a quick change” to five pages on their website — for free.… Read the rest

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March 2021 Hub updates: changelog & releases

We built the Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren’t done yet. You can keep track of our progress here, as we regularly publish our updates to this platform custom made for web designer and developers.

March 2021 Hub updates:

Code snippet tool — You can execute custom code right from the Hub, without signing in to a website. This time-saving feature eliminates the need for plugins to run commands like list files, check file readability, remove default widgets and more. It’s easy to save, edit and delete snippets to reuse them without re-entering code. To find the code snippet tool, go to the Sites section of the Hub, click into a single website, and then from the Misc menu, select Code Snippets.

Adding sites to projects — When you’re running a project, you … Read the rest

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Globalization And The Impact Upon Unions

According to Google, Inc., the ability to reward employees by attracting the best and retaining the best pay off substantially—people are the best investment (Datamonitor, 2009).

service business idea

A business plan like any other write – up can either be good or bad. It is possible to also seek out an investor that is willing to invest their cash on your new business. There are several of private investors nowadays that will overlook the risk of startups as they are interested in the possibility the new company has to succeed. – Consult with local authorities to see if there are any major road construction projects planned. Sometimes these are inevitable but can have major disruptive forces. As of 2016, there are approximately 28.8 million small businesses in operation in the United States, comprising 99.7 percent of total U.S. businesses. thehellenicvoice Overall, 56.8 million employees work for small businesses, or … Read the rest

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Stack up, back up: Practice safe web dev on World Backup Day 

If there were a formal education for budding web designers and developers, it would need to include something like that cringey class we all had to endure as teenagers. You remember… diving into the facts of life?

In the web professional curriculum, World Backup Day would be a particularly important event.

See, without website backups, web designers and developers aren’t practicing safe web dev. Any Maker of the Web who’s created a project stack should be sure it includes backups — stack up, back up.

Imagine getting that frantic call in the middle of the night. Often, it’s a manageable situation: reliable backups at least ensure there’s a place to begin rebuilding. Although World Backup Day encourages people in general to back up their data, it’s a particularly important reminder when a client’s online presence hangs in the balance.

World Backup Day PSA
This nifty PSA was create in a matter of minutes using
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GoForth — New GoDaddy series celebrates brave adventurers

“Sharing our passion is really important. I think that if you have the ability to make it a career, then why not?” ~Lizzy VanPatten, She Moves Mountains

Many Americans spend their days working at jobs that don’t fulfill them, but there are a select few brave enough to chase adventure​ and make a living doing what they love.

Their pioneering spirit drives these entrepreneurs to turn their​ lifestyles into businesses inspired by adventure. ​

​GoDaddy is proud to present “GoForth,” a digital series that unpacks how three entrepreneurs hustle, innovate, and find balance as they​ strive for success both in business and adventure.

It will inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us to go after​ our own dreams instead of punching the clock.


The four episodes follow Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete and founder of Picky Bars; Lizzy VanPatten, rock climber and founder of She Moves Mountains; and Mattias … Read the rest

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What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

As we continue to move through 2021, Websites + Marketing continues to grow and gain new features along the way. In this guide, we’re going to cover these updates and show you how they can help your business grow as well.

What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Here’s a list of the new features and options available for Websites + Marketing Ecommerce customers:

  • Share your products on social media.
  • Promote your paid services to social media.
  • Zoom and Calendar Sync options available under Online Appointments.
  • Sell on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram Shops.
  • Showcase similar products in your store.
  • Personalize a message on packing slips and shipment emails.
  • Create coupons for free shipping.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive in.

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Share your products on social media

More people around the world are using mobile devices … Read the rest

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Last-minute income tax tips for small business owners

This post was originally published on March 27, 2015, and was updated on March 29, 2018 and March 29, 2021.

Spring has sprung. And with the COVID pandemic in its second year, I’d wager that spring is looking a little different for all of us this year. However, one thing is back to normal and that is the fact that income tax is due to the IRS on April 15, 2021.

What do I mean by back to normal? If you’ll recall, last year, due to the burgeoning pandemic, federal Income Tax Day and income tax filing day in most states was moved from April 15th to July 15th. This year, unless anything changes after this writing, the day your federal income tax return is due is back to its usual spot on April 15th.

Income Tax Calendar

As someone who has dealt with income tax as an employee and as a business … Read the rest

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Websites + Marketing: Schedule & publish posts directly to Instagram

When it comes to succeeding online, small business owners know it takes more than a website to grow. They need to be where their customers are – whether that be on social media or in their inboxes. But being everywhere takes time, especially when trying to manage and maintain multiple platforms in addition to running a business.

With over one billion users and counting, Instagram, in particular, is one the most impactful platforms for small business owners to connect with new and existing customers. No online marketing plan is complete without it.

Instagram Create a Post Screenshot

We’re excited to announce that Websites + Marketing now supports scheduling and publishing posts directly to Instagram – making it easier and faster for small business owners to be everywhere that matters online.

This new feature makes GoDaddy among the few all-in-one website and marketing platforms to support posting directly to Instagram. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can … Read the rest

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