$ 3 Million in 1 Year with Adsense!

This is the first in a series of Internet success stories that you will see on the Power Play blog. I hope you like it!

Markus Frind, the creator of Plentyoffish.com, is a notable success story as he has managed to break into a niche previously dominated by giant corporations and deliver his own brand of marketing expertise. The David vs. Goliath case, where the little one came out on top in the end. Markus is the best “individual” Adsense publisher in terms of page views. Let’s find out what some of his secrets are as he shares some suggestions with our readers. Feel free to comment!

What is your experience in computer programming and how did you prepare to become a webmaster?

The average page views per day were around 14 million over the past week. I get another 80 million page views every day from users querying the site to see if they have any new messages. Very bandwidth-intensive!

When I went to your website, I saw that the ads were targeted to my region, but I haven’t even signed up yet. Can you explain to our readers how you achieved this feat?

I only use ip2location.com- Basically I take your IP, look it up in the database and it tells me your city. I will then bring up a list of users in your city, nothing magical.

Do most of your visitors come from search engines (SERPS) or do you find that they come from other sources? Do you actively advertise in the media?

Search engines make up about 2% of my traffic. Most of my traffic, like any other site with over 5 million hits a day, comes from word of mouth and returning visitors.

The services on your website appear to be offered free of charge to registrants. Are there any advantages over your competitors that allow you to do this?

I developed a new algorithm that will allow me to create a large site for free. A few years ago I developed an algorithm that was a thousand times faster than the algorithm used in the 1990s to find a series of 22 prime numbers. Back then, a professor used several supercomputers and hundreds of ordinary computers for several years to find records. I did the same on 1 computer in 2 weeks.

Breathtaking! Are there other websites you currently manage or is muchoffish.com the only one?

This is the only page at the moment. I have a couple of other websites that I list for friends so they can learn how to do marketing / affiliate stuff. At this point I think 1 page is enough.

Any tips for those who want to make a profitable business on the internet?

IF other people think what you’re doing is a cool idea, I would say it isn’t … find something that other people don’t think is important and build a site with lots of traffic in that area on. Also, keep in mind that a website that has low monetization today but has traffic may be a gold mine tomorrow. In the internet world everything is monetized at some point and traffic is king.

Transport is king – very wise advice, Mark. One last question: How do you find the time to look after such a large item on the Internet? Surely you have other interests in life besides programming and website monitoring?

On average it only takes an hour a day, but this work is very tiring. I spent a few more hours reading and seeing what was going on.