Before You do Business

Why would anyone want to do business with you?


This might be the first question you should ask yourself before anything else. You must challenge yourself to respond to it. Why would anyone want to pay for this “junk” you sell? Yes, “trash” as I put it. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, to others it’s just a part of the product in a sea of other similar products.

Still proud of your product or service? Are you really 100% proud of that? You honestly and truly think people would be stupid NOT to buy from you?

Well… you’ve crossed the first barrier! You are ready to start the next level.


A basic business needs 3 things: a lawyer, an accountant and a creative or crazy person you could be.


Almost every company earns its own money from the first two. Understandably. Good creative people are hard to find, hard to manage, and you can never be sure what you’re paying for.

Every large, established company knows that the creative side plays a more important role than lawyers and accountants. CPAs and attorneys can help you with this. But in the early stages when your business is just a baby, your business lives or dies depending on its business branding activities in areas like business identity, logos, marketing campaigns, copywriting and business slogans.

Well, are you NUTS enough? Do people call you NUTS?

If yes, you are ready for the next level! Give yourself a “Cheers”!


Sing to yourself? You must apply in any way you can.


Do it all Yes, do whatever it takes to make your company name martineroch! Make others aware of your corporate brand. The more the better!

Businesses can come and go so quickly before anyone knows about it. People are busy, what do they care? They don’t care about you and your business. Why should they care? be serious Do everything you can and can do. But be warned; You must not mislead others as this will backfire quickly enough to wipe out your business.

Do you sing to yourself Then you have passed! Moving on to the next stage…


Big decision: Can you beat the competition?


It is very likely that you have entered a crowded business market at the beginning. Pay close attention to what others are doing; What your competitors are doing right now can have a huge impact on your business.

At this stage you have to decide: will you fight “head to head”? Compete with better quality? An even crazier pricing strategy? Extra Mile Service Level? Better marketing campaign? or what else? Or will you avoid all of that and create your own niche where you are the leader?

If you decide to offer the same or a very similar product for the same price, but your marketing materials don’t look as good as your competitors’… hey, you’re in big trouble! If you’re charging half what others charge, then it’s still okay to “look” cheap simply because you’re the “cheaper” alternative that people are looking for.



Basically, marketing is just a matter of perception.


“Perception” is just a fancy word for mind. The public occupies you with thoughts about you and your ‘good’ or ‘bad’ business. A good salesperson controls perceptions on a personal level such as wearing a neat suit, a very cute smile and sincere voice, a firm handshake, etc.

And your corporate marketing campaign must strive to make an equivalent impact. And it needs to be on a more abstract level by having a memorable company name, attractive business graphics, and professionally dressed employees. Anything that could seduce and convince a potential visitor to become a paying customer.


Your business identity; your business capital.


Company name, logo, proposed business appearance, public perception, recognition or even affection, if any; this is very important for business success. Large companies routinely pay out big bucks like millions of dollars for this aspect of the business.

Your business identity needs to be well organized to appeal to the desired market. This is the so-called “face” side, the side that the audience always sees first. Work on perfecting it so it works really well. Upgrade to get better and better then protect it and cherish it like your lover!

Yes, many people just bought a ready-made business. But every time they run a new marketing campaign, they tend to get busy projecting a different image and look of the company. Seriously, never make mistakes like an amateur.

Stick to the business branding strategy you chose from the start. This is your business capital. By constantly changing your business appearance, you confuse the public, and even worse when they see that you don’t even respect your business identity.

Don’t destroy business capital; You must be very concerned about your company’s image in the eyes of the public. It has its own personality. It has to stand out from the rest. It should send clear signals to the target market: “Here We Are, Come To Us”, “Get Us Today”.



Love your business as you love yourself.