Blog Advertising

advertising is good. It provides information, gives you access to products or services you didn’t know about, makes people money, and fuels various industries. But you know how everything in abundance breeds dissatisfaction and greed, and nothing is pretty. Using the wrong ads on your blog can drive your traffic south — not in the direction you want it to be. So when is blog promotion bad and when is it right?

Is Your Blog Successful?

A key indicator that you are doing something right with your blog promotion is if you are actually successful. You get the traffic you want, you earn for some simple effort you put in, and you keep your advertisers happy.

But don’t get carried away by your success. You may think that placing lots of ads on your blog can help you make money exponentially. This will earn you a spot on your advertiser’s blacklist. Advertisers have guidelines on how many ads they can place on a webpage. In general, this can range from 3 to 5 depending on the sponsor.


Relationship Between Partners and Advertising Programs

If you don’t want to undermine the goodwill between you and your partners or advertising programs, learn about and respect their policies. Is this a blog or splog? One of the worst labels your blog can get is “Splog”. It’s a blog that contains spam. If your blog is little more than page after page of ads and sparse content, you might be better off publishing a fashion magazine.

Too many ads on a blog can bury your content, distract your visitors and even frustrate them. Some, like the very vigilant, will leave your blog immediately. If your blog sounds like a commercial, forget it. It will seem obnoxious and hurt the reputation you are trying to build.

Too Many Choices Another challenge you face with blog promotion is getting your visitors to look at the ads long enough to actually do something with them. Otherwise this display is useless.

The problem with blogs having too many ad units can be confusing for visitors. When they’re confused, they’re less likely to click on an ad, let alone subscribe or buy something. It leaves your advertiser – and you – empty-handed.


Managing Your Ads a Blog Page

Can easily manage an average of three ads, which is the case with most advertising and affiliate programs. Strategically placed, these ads can capture the attention of your visitors. Since only a few ads are shown, your visitors can easily decide which ones to click on.

Now imagine that 10 to 15 ads are running simultaneously on the same page. You’ve probably seen blogs like this one before, with ads competing with NASCAR racers scattered throughout. To use blog promotion properly, you should first consider the type of program you will be running. If you want to become a brand or corporate affiliate, there are certain limits you need to work with. For example, some companies choose not to advertise competing brands on the same blog.

Second, the issue of placement and aesthetics. Check out some of the top ranked blogs and study their ad placement. Where are these ads placed on the page, how big are they in relation to each other and the content box, and what do these ads contain? If you’ve seen enough of these successful blogs, you’ll learn enough to know how to use blog promotion to your advantage.