Why today’s GM news is devastating for Nikola

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From its name on down, it’s clear that zero-emission vehicle startup Nikola aims to emulate Tesla’s soaring trajectory. But over the past six months, Nikola’s efforts to follow that blueprint have faced a series of setbacks including fraud allegations, key resignations, and a reported fraud inquiry by federal regulators.

On Monday, the headwinds grew stronger when Nikola’s announced that General Motors will effectively withdraw from a planned partnership that was first announced in September. Investors had seen the deal as a huge win for Nikola, by giving it a massive jolt of credibility.

Under the proposed agreement, GM would have provided battery and fuel-cell technology to Nikola and manufactured Nikola’s planned Badger electric pickup.

In exchange, GM was to take an 11% stake in Nikola, … Read the rest

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Hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view

Software engineer Raymond Berger begins his work day at 5 a.m., before the sun comes up over Hawaii.

Rising early is necessary because the company he works for is in New York City, five hours ahead of Maui, where he is renting a home with a backyard that’s near the beach.

“It’s a little hard with the time zone difference,” he said. “But generally I have a much better quality of life.”

The pandemic is giving many workers the freedom to do their jobs from anywhere. Now that Hawaii’s economy is reeling from dramatically fewer tourists, a group of state officials and community leaders wants more people like Berger to help provide an alternative to relying on short-term visitors.

Coinciding with the approach of winter in other parts of the U.S., “Movers & Shakas”—a reference to the Hawaii term for the “hang loose” hand gesture—launches Sunday as a campaign … Read the rest

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Biden’s national coronavirus strategy is starting to take shape—and it’s very different than Trump’s

Congress is bracing for President-elect Joe Biden to move beyond the Trump administration’s state-by-state approach to the COVID-19 crisis and build out a national strategy to fight the pandemic and distribute the eventual vaccine.

The incoming administration’s approach reflects Democrats’ belief that a more comprehensive plan, some of it outlined in the House’s $2 trillion coronavirus aid bill, is needed to get the pandemic under control. Republicans have resisted big spending but agree additional funding is needed. With the nation on edge but a vaccine in sight, the complicated logistics of vaccinating hundreds of millions of Americans raise the stakes on the major undertaking.

“We have an incredible challenge on our hands,” said Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state, which is approaching the anniversary of its first reported case of the virus last January.

A vaccine can only go so far, Murray warned, without a distribution plan. “A vaccine can … Read the rest

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R.I.P. Black Friday? Pandemic, online shopping lead to thin crowds

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The major retailers wanted sparse crowds on Black Friday in this COVID-19 era. They certainly got them.

On Friday morning, only a few dozen people were lined up outside the Macy’s flagship in Manhattan before it opened, compared to 15,000 or so in recent years. A nearby Aéropostale and Victoria’s Secret were devoid of any customers at all at 7 a.m. And at the sprawling Newport Centre in Jersey City, N.J., across the Hudson River, it was a ghost town: not a single customer inside its Sears store, and only a smattering of shoppers at its J.C. Penney or Kohl’s.

Even at the nearby Target, Best Buy and Home Depot, which were busy in comparison, the crowds were modest compared to previous years. Best Buy, … Read the rest

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Former World Bank president James Wolfensohn dies at 86

James Wolfensohn, who served as the president of the World Bank for 10 years and was a guiding force for a couple of the most well-known cultural institutions in the U.S., has died. He was 86.

Wolfensohn died Wednesday at his home in Manhattan according to the Institute for Advanced Study, where he had been a past chair of the board. His son and one of his two daughters also confirmed his death in media reports.

Wolfensohn, born in Australia, worked on Wall Street for many years before taking over as the head of the World Bank, a loan-offering global development organization, in 1995. He was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton.

In his time there, he took on issues like corruption in the organization’s development projects, and emphasized paying attention to the needs and priorities of the countries doing the projects.

He was also a lover of the arts, serving … Read the rest

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Why Salesforce wants to slurp up Slack

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Salesforce is eyeing what could become its biggest-ever acquisition: Slack, the workplace instant messenger.

The two tech companies recently held talks about a deal whose value would likely top $17 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. That figure represents Slack’s market capitalization in recent days—before M&A rumors sent the stock surging almost 25%, causing stock markets to halt trading of its shares, on Wednesday.

Neither Salesforce nor Slack responded to Fortune’s request for comment.

Why would Salesforce be interested in Slack? Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s billionaire founder and CEO, clearly wishes to build his business into something greater than just a purveyor of software for managing customers and sales leads, the company’s bread-and-butter money-maker. He wants to build a platform—that word Wall Street-wooing techies love—to accommodate all offices’ … Read the rest

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Gross sales Advertising Alignment Articles & Best Practices

Initial structure of on-line based digital marketing. Intensifying competitors and increasingly demanding customers, requires greater degree expertise, not essentially different ones. Berkomunikasi dengan sisi Entrance Workplace serta Food & Beverage untuk meyakinkan kalau tamu dilayani dengan sebaik-baiknya. Senior managers usually describe the working relationship between Gross sales and Advertising as unsatisfactory. The 2 capabilities, they say, undercommunicate, underperform, and overcomplain. Not every firm will need to—or should—upgrade from defined to aligned relationships or from aligned to integrated relationships. However every firm can and should improve the relationship between Sales and Marketing. Fastidiously deliberate enhancements will bring salespeople’s intimate knowledge of your prospects into the corporate’s core. These enhancements will also enable you to serve clients higher now and can provide help to construct better products for the future. They may help your company marry softer, relationship-building expertise with tougher, analytic abilities. They’ll drive your organization to carefully contemplate how it … Read the rest

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Secluded and deluded: Trump’s post-election actions show a mad-monarch mindset

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With the president hidden from public contact in the three weeks since he decisively lost reelection, President Trump’s public calendar has been blank. The emptiness implies that his days have been filled with brooding, TV, and golfing, all while refusing to concede defeat. He has continued to minimize the soaring pandemic, whose U.S. death toll has reached 260,000—lately claiming a 9/11-sized number of victims every two days. In Trump’s behavior, there appears an extension of his lifelong worship of Norman Vincent Peale’s theology of success through denial of failures.

chorus of GOP leaders have begun joining Democrats outraged over the President’s absence from key duties and his denial of the election realities. But Trump’s conduct, along with his vindictive housecleaning of national security officials who countered him, is consistent with the … Read the rest

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The women joining the Biden-Harris administration

President-elect Joe Biden is assembling his Cabinet, and is expected to announce his full set of nominations on Tuesday. In the meantime, the former vice president has already revealed some of his choices to the public, and various news outlets have reported on other likely picks.

Biden faces pressure to please both progressive and moderates—and to get his choices through a potential GOP-controlled Senate. The Biden team, which made history with the election of Vice President Kamala Harris as the first female, first Black, and first Indian-American veep, is also keeping gender and racial diversity in mind.

Two of Biden’s reported choices would see women run agencies that have never before had a female leader: Treasury and Defense.

These are the women who are so far expected to join Biden’s Cabinet. This story will be updated with further announcements.

Michele Flournoy is President-elect Biden’s reported choice to head the Pentagon.
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She’s pushing a green, digital, diverse future. And this CEO doesn’t care who the president is

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When Helle Østergaard Kristiansen joined the Danish energy trader Danske Commodities a decade ago, the executive admits it was something of a different world.

“First of all, the energy market was not as liberalized as it is today. The production side was very, very different,” she says. “Because we didn’t have the renewable mix we have today.”

Margins were higher, because the competition was lower. The trading was different: more conventional, less digital. Now, she says, almost all the trading at the 16-year-old company is automated.

The staff has changed, too—away from conventional traders, and towards PhDs in software engineering. A third of the company is in IT, Kristiansen says, and the average age is 33. And what was then a small company in the coastal city of … Read the rest

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