Marina Tognetti: Inspiring & Passionate Language Leader

In current international economy, communicating with clients, customers, and international partners in their native language gives you a competitive edge. With business clients, it is all about building lasting relationships, while with consumers it is all about making the right impression. Having lived in numerous countries and speaking six languages, Marina Tognetti knows first-hand the difficulties learners face when learning a new language and culture. Which is why she came up with the idea of starting mYngle.

From Open Marketplace to Global Online School 

Marina Tognetti had launched mYngle as a marketplace, something she knew very well from her previous eBay experience. The company thought it got it all: funding, lots of Awards and PR, a very motivated team. But something in the business model was not working as it had been expected. The key was accepting that change was needed and not being afraid to question its assumptions, … Read the rest

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Susan Gatehouse: Thrives in Building the Big Picture

With concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic having a disproportionate impact on certain individuals, such as minorities and the elderly, public health experts worldwide require more detailed data, provided on a real-time basis. A longstanding proponent of the reliability and integrity of data as central to healthcare, Axea Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Susan Gatehouse, understands such complex elements. Susan is a nationally recognized speaker and author, with a nearly 30-year history as a leading provider of revenue cycle solutions and advanced technology offerings within the healthcare sector.

It’s all About the Journey 

“It’s been a thrilling journey over the last three decades, watching the advancements in technology and how it improved the efficiency and quality of healthcare as a whole,” says Susan Gatehouse. “There is no question that technology has and continues to reshape the healthcare industry in inspiring, transformative ways,” adds Susan.

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