Top Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2021

Recruiting has evolved a lot since the days of wanted ads in the newspaper! It is easier than ever to find a job these days and workers have far more freedom to work with companies they could never have accessed in the days before remote work opportunities.

This changing landscape has affected many parts of the hiring and recruiting reality, making things both easier and harder for recruiters. It seems like every time one door is opened in the hiring industry, another one is closed.

If you are trying to figure out what the lay of the land will be in the hiring and recruiting world in 2021, you are not alone! There are a lot of challenges and benefits that will play into the hiring reality of 2021. Let’s talk about hiring and recruiting for 2021.

Top Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2021

Diversity Will be a Bigger

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How worried should we be about reports of blood clots and AstraZeneca’s vaccine?

FRANKFURT/PARIS — Europe’s drug watchdog is reviewing a small number of reports of bleeding, blood clots, and low platelet counts in people who have received AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has said it has so far found no causal link between the vaccine and the incidents. The World Health Organization has also said there was no proven link and people should not panic.

At least 13 European Union (EU) member states including Germany, France, and Italy have suspended use of the shot pending the outcome of EMA’s probe.

Here’s what we know so far:

More than 45 million coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) shots by all manufacturers have been administered across the EU and the European Economic Area since vaccinations started almost three months ago.

The EMA is investigating reports of 30 cases of unusual blood disorders out of 5 million people who got the Read the rest

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Urban gardening flourishes, ensures food security in Las Piñas

Deputy Speaker and Las Piñas Rep. Camille Villar today said urban gardening is a viable means to promote a sustainable livelihood and an essential source of healthy food for the city’s dwellers.
“We continue to empower our citizens through urban farming as we are actively promoting this as an alternative and additional source of livelihood especially for those affected by the pandemic. Not only do they have extra income but they also help ensure food security as they have an immediate solution to possible food shortages due to crisis,” Villar said.
The lady lawmaker recently spoke about the importance of urban farming in an online forum during the celebration of International Women’s Day. She said she salutes Filipino women for leading their way toward becoming agrichampions and helping promote food security.
According to Villar, produce from urban gardens make their way to local communities.
“Hindi lang natin sila tinuturuang maging
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Ruth Darby: A Multirole Leader with Extensive Work Experience

Real estate has always been considered a male dominated sector, and is making progress towards acknowledging women participation, and moving towards that change. Over the years, the real estate sector has grown considerably. With the sector getting more organized, there has been increased global penetration into the local markets and increased service offerings. In this scenario, limiting the sector to only one section of the population, also curbs the available resources and talent base that is required to take the sector forward. The extension of companies and the need for talent, inspired the inclusion of more women into the segment. One such woman leader is Ruth Darby, Member at Keyser, who plays multiple roles at the company. As a broker, she represents both single location tenants and large global corporate accounts.

Ruth has over 21 years of comprehensive commercial real estate experience working with, national corporate clients, and Read the rest

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Fast food giant Jollibee targets foreign expansion after COVID

Jollibee Foods Corp., the largest Philippine restaurant operator, is looking toward foreign expansion and “opportunities” created by COVID-19 as it rebounds after historic losses induced by the pandemic.

After a restructure amid last year’s setback, Jollibee CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong plans to open 450 restaurants around the world this year while looking for acquisitions that could be funded with the company’s 57.5 billion pesos ($1.2 billion) in cash and short-term investments.

Tanmantiong still hopes to achieve a long-term goal of turning the Manila-based company into one of the world’s top five restaurant operators. Jollibee posted a P11.5 billion net loss last year — its first annual loss in at least three decades — as dining out was hammered by the virus.

“There are opportunities coming out of the pandemic,” Tanmantiong said in a Bloomberg interview. “We are constantly assessing these opportunities.”

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Monica Boudreau: Building Growth Marketing Strategies for Brands

After spending the early years of her career working in events, marketing, and advertising, Monica Boudreau founded posh media in July 2019. Posh Media, a full-service bilingual marketing firm with a team of passionate and experienced marketing professionals handpicked from across North America. Monica wanted to fill a void between independent freelancers and large agencies to give small business owners a more tailored and personal approach. According to Monica, posh media started with just herself, and in just over a year has grown into a team of 30+ top-tier industry collaborators. She says her focus is on making local brands thrive in their communities – 2020 has proved all the importance of supporting local businesses.

The Power of Collaboration

For Monica, the most common success factor that truly illustrate the posh difference is:

  • Collaboration– As a collective team, the team at posh media strongly believes in the power

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Lagging vaccination rate puts Canadian factories at competitive disadvantage

Canadian automation company Promation had been banking on a weaker currency to help it win a new US contract, but a slower pace of vaccinations in Canada could erase that competitive edge, President Darryl Spector said.

Pandemic travel restrictions make it harder for Promation’s technicians to travel across the border to service and repair plant equipment, a drawback when competing against an increasingly vaccinated US workforce.

“With a fully vaccinated U.S. supply base, why buy from Canada if you can’t access the labor to support it?,” said Mr. Spector.

To prevent spread of the coronavirus, the US-Canadian border has been closed for nearly a year to crossings by all but essential workers and a handful of other exceptions. In Canada, manufacturers fear the slower vaccination rollout could delay an easing of those restrictions.

US President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., told states on Thursday to make all adults eligible for a Read the rest

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Mary Senkowska: Redefining Approach to Career Development of Youths

Standing with a mission to equalise access to opportunities for early talent, Mary Senkowska formed Creative Brain. It all started with an idea that young people are the future of this world, but they are being shaped right now. Mary along with her team mapped the development paths of young leaders who managed to progress faster and create more impact relevant to their peers. They engineered a method to measure future potential, guide and track their development, accounting for experiences that usually fall through the cracks.

Creative Brain is a purpose-driven team that wants to start a societal transformation, redefining the definition of success and most importantly, show the young people that they have a choice. It wants to raise awareness that everyone needs to take ownership of their own progress, heighten self-awareness to benefit from those experiences that make them unique, stronger, able to create impact.

The company has Read the rest

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Japan leaning towards ending Tokyo state of emergency on March 21

TOKYO – Japan’s government is leaning towards ending a state of emergency for Tokyo and surrounding areas over COVID-19 as scheduled on March 21, the Sankei newspaper reported on Sunday.

The government is expected to make its decision at a meeting with advisers on March 18, Sankei reported. Calls to the prime minister’s office were not answered.

The number of hospital beds in use to treat COVID-19 patients is falling gradually, which is justification to end the state of emergency as scheduled, the Sankei said, citing an unnamed government official.

Restrictions such as shorter business hours for restaurants and bars have helped reduce new daily cases in Tokyo to roughly a tenth of a peak of 2,520 on Jan. 7, but the number of new infections in Tokyo has been creeping up in recent days, raising concerns that the state of emergency might be extended.

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Linda Grasso: Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies

Despite the progress made over the years, gender equality is sadly far away in the workplace and it is essential to advocate for change. Women are at the heart of development, and it is a matter of fact they would bring greater advantages within companies if given more representation. One of Linda Grasso’s main commitments is empowering Women in Tech, since she strongly believes sustainability and gender equality are the key to world’s economic development. The fourth industrial revolution is driving the workforce transformation and she believes it is important to analyze how women are involved in building the future of work; she states that companies must build future strategies that also work for women. Linda is the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Business Innovation srl. Digital Business Innovation srl is a digital business transformation consulting firm. Strategy, Technology and Influence are its three important pillars.

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