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Foster Coburn is the mind behind Unleashed Productions, Inc., specializing in web design and graphics solutions. You can find Unleashed Productions on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Connect with Foster on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

I grew up in Kansas City and went to college at the University of Kansas. While I left that area in the 80s, it is still deeply embedded in me. I am a diehard fan of my Kansas Jayhawks and was thrilled to see my Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs win recent championships.

My career took off as an author as I wrote a total of 13 books on the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Along with the books came magazine articles, seminars, conferences and boot camps where I trained thousands of CorelDRAW users over a period of more than … Read the rest

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The women joining the Biden-Harris administration

President-elect Joe Biden is assembling his Cabinet, and is expected to announce his full set of nominations on Tuesday. In the meantime, the former vice president has already revealed some of his choices to the public, and various news outlets have reported on other likely picks.

Biden faces pressure to please both progressive and moderates—and to get his choices through a potential GOP-controlled Senate. The Biden team, which made history with the election of Vice President Kamala Harris as the first female, first Black, and first Indian-American veep, is also keeping gender and racial diversity in mind.

Two of Biden’s reported choices would see women run agencies that have never before had a female leader: Treasury and Defense.

These are the women who are so far expected to join Biden’s Cabinet. This story will be updated with further announcements.

Michele Flournoy is President-elect Biden’s reported choice to head the Pentagon.
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The best ways to help clients with website security

If you are a website pro like a designer or developer, it can be tempting to think you have limited responsibility for the security of a client’s site — but that might not be the best way to think about it from a business perspective.

While it’s likely true that the vast majority of hacks occur due to client error (like using 123456 as a password) rather than you or the host. However, the issue might not be quite so simple.

In fact, there are a number of good arguments for helping your clients with cybersecurity.

One is the moral argument. As is painfully obvious from the number of articles now popping up on how to secure your online store for the holidays, the perennially popular searches on improving website security, and the recent boom in guides for protecting websites during the pandemic, you might be surprised … Read the rest

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She’s pushing a green, digital, diverse future. And this CEO doesn’t care who the president is

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When Helle Østergaard Kristiansen joined the Danish energy trader Danske Commodities a decade ago, the executive admits it was something of a different world.

“First of all, the energy market was not as liberalized as it is today. The production side was very, very different,” she says. “Because we didn’t have the renewable mix we have today.”

Margins were higher, because the competition was lower. The trading was different: more conventional, less digital. Now, she says, almost all the trading at the 16-year-old company is automated.

The staff has changed, too—away from conventional traders, and towards PhDs in software engineering. A third of the company is in IT, Kristiansen says, and the average age is 33. And what was then a small company in the coastal city of … Read the rest

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Why you need a Google My Business profile and what to include

Google My Business (GMB), a service offered by Google, is a platform where companies can share relevant information about their business and customers can leave reviews and add photos. The initial benefit of GMB is improved legitimacy and increased exposure while customers benefit by learning more about you. However, there are many more benefits to creating a Google My Business profile.

Learn more about how to leverage Google My Business, including the types of information you should add, and why it’s important for you to prioritize.

Understanding the value of a Google My Business profile

Google My Business has become increasingly useful as customers turn to the search engine for local information. In fact, 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business between 2018 and 2019 with 33% looking every day, according to a recent Bright Local survey.

As our world turns increasingly digital, this … Read the rest

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