Former Amazon manager and her family charged with insider trading

A senior manager in Amazon’s tax department ran an insider trading scheme in which she, along with her husband and father-in-law, made $1.4 million buying and selling stocks and options ahead of the company’s earnings announcements.

The Securities and Exchange Commission shared details of the scheme on Monday in a press release describing the misconduct of 36-year-old Laksha Bohra and her family. The Bohras do not dispute the accusations, and are also facing criminal charges from the U.S. Justice Department.

The SEC’s legal complaint describes how the family used 11 separate stock-trading accounts in what Bohra’s father-in-law described as a “family thing” to buy and sell stock on behalf of different relatives.

Bohra gained access to Amazon’s confidential information in her role overseeing financial data related to the company’s “transfer pricing” operations across different countries. Despite repeated reminders from Amazon that it was illegal for someone in her position to … Read the rest

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What are website platforms?

When it comes to starting your own website, there are a lot of different terms you might learn about, like website platforms, hosting, content management systems and more. In fact, it might all seem confusing or overwhelming. You’re probably even curious as to why you should know these terms, and if you need them, especially when it comes to starting your own website. In this article, you’ll learn what website platforms are, some of the terms associated with them and what steps you need to take toward choosing a web host. In the end, hopefully it helps you choose what website platforms you need for your website.

What are website platforms?

A website platform is the magical technology on which websites function. Most websites operate using several types of platforms including:

  • A web hosting platform
  • Programming languages
  • Website building tools

All of these work hand-in-hand to power your website, … Read the rest

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'Voda’s win unlikely to trigger investments in Vi’

‘Voda’s win unlikely to trigger investments in Vi’Vodafone Group Plc on Friday won a decade-long battle in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague against the Indian tax department’s demand of Rs 20,000 crore, stemming from its entry into the country in 2007.

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Hype beasts, the ‘Yeezy’ problem, and $950 cassette tapes: How crypto startup Zora is helping musicians create new revenue streams

Andre Anjos, known to his fans as RAC, won a Grammy for his 2017 remix of the song “Tearing Me Up,” but this success has not made it easy for the Portland musician to make a living. He blames a digital economy that fails to value the labor of songwriters and other creative artists.

“The music industry is fundamentally broken,” says Anjos. “Everyone says ‘Spotify is going to save us’ but I don’t believe it. They’re not profitable, which is why they’re pivoting to podcasts.”

Frustration with the digital economy has led Anjos, along with a handful of sneaker and hoodie designers, to embrace a new startup in a bid to create a new revenue stream based on a resale market for physical items. In Anjos’ case, a frenzy among his fans resulted in a limited edition cassette (like the one seen below) of his new album selling for … Read the rest

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How customer reviews can help your SEO

Did you know customer reviews and local search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand? Let’s explore how those shiny stars can help improve SEO for your business.

“I don’t want to annoy them,” said Katie, “I feel like I’d be imposing if I bugged them for a review.” She was responding to my question about collecting customer reviews for her doggy daycare business.

I had just picked up my dog, Andy, and I felt like I wanted to leave a review for her. After all, Katie and her team really took care of Andy, and he was always in such high spirits when he saw me walk in. I wanted to help her attract new puppy parents, so I asked if she ever considered asking for a review when customers came to pick up their dogs (a trick I’ll tell you about later.)

Like most business owners, Katie felt
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Mandate in a pandemic: NDA has many strengths. But Bihar can yet spring a surprise

NDA is up against a disjointed opposition. But there is no certainty what will eventually work: caste, Covid, Sushant or Vikas. Will Bihari victimhood outside the state resonate among people who live there? Will people vote with their empty purses and torn lives in mind or will they be guided by trust in Modi and Nitish’s post pandemic initiatives?

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Magic Leap tried to create an alternate reality. Its founder was already in one

Reality finally set in for Rony Abovitz in May. The augmented reality headset that had been under development for nine years inside his company, Magic Leap, had been a colossal flop. In a tearful address over video conference, Abovitz told employees that he would resign.

Abovitz, whose infectious optimism helped Magic Leap secure total investments of about $3.5 billion, didn’t stay down long. Just as his replacement, Peggy Johnson, was taking over, he tweeted that he was “working in stealth mode on something new:-).” The cryptic message was accompanied by a change to Abovitz’s Twitter bio referencing something called Project Phoenix. Abovitz, one could assume, is the mythical bird. That makes Magic Leap the ashes.

Magic Leap once burned bright. Many high-profile investors made the pilgrimage to a swampy, downtrodden suburb of Miami, where they became convinced Abovitz was building a kind of Apple for computers strapped to people’s … Read the rest

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