With TikTok deal, Walmart could gain 'a front row seat to the next generation of consumers'

Industry watchers say the big-box retailer's ties to TikTok could help it sharpen its approach to targeted ads, turn user data into business strategies and establish a relationship with the many teens and twenty-somethings.

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Why GM may escape from Nikola’s wreckage unharmed

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What a difference two weeks makes.

On Sept. 8, General Motors’ stock bounced nearly 10% after the legacy carmaker announced it would take an 11% stake in Nikola Motor and provide technology to the buzzy hydrogen-electric truck startup.

It’s all been, to put it mildly, downhill from there.

Allegations of fraud by Nikola have since dismembered its stock, with GM’s promised stake losing nearly $1 billion in value since the deal’s announcement. GM’s own shares also cratered Monday after the announcement that Nikola’s founder and former CEO Trevor Milton would step down as executive chairman and leave the company. GM’s stock has now given back all the gains that followed the partnership announcement.

But despite those paper losses, and the potential for more if Nikola’s situation worsens, … Read the rest

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GoDaddy launches the Tomorrow Fund to support employees in need

On September 19, GoDaddy launched the Tomorrow Fund worldwide for all its employees. It’s designed to help employees recover from unanticipated events or natural disasters, something many are facing now across the country and globe.

I’ve been at GoDaddy a really (really) long time. Granted, it’s not like the old days when someone would do more than 30 years at a motor company—days when someone would start at a company single and retire with grandkids and a timeshare in Montana. We measure longevity in the tech world a little like we measure dog years. One year in at one company in tech? That’s at least three years.

Now that I’ve spent more than 15 years at GoDaddy, I feel like I’ve got some explaining to do.

GoDaddy’s Tomorrow Fund is a perfect way to explain why I’m still at GoDaddy and why I still do what I do. It’s a … Read the rest

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India mulls on supplying onions to its neighbours

India mulls on supplying onions to its neighboursIndia and Bangladesh are due to review the entire gamut of ties at a meeting between their foreign ministers later this month, from connectivity initiatives to security partnership to joint celebrations of Mujibur Rehman’s birth centenary and energy pipeline to defence partnership.

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This trio of Gallup polls spells a warning for Trump

With 44 days until the U.S. presidential election, it may seem to many as if the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has dramatically changed the political calculus—shifting the national conversation away from President Trump’s performance in office and refocusing voters on the battle over who, ultimately, gets to select Justice Ginsburg’s replacement. But a wealth of new polling data suggests that the fundamentals of this election are not likely to change—and particularly telling are a trio of Gallup survey questions that, taken together, have a strong track record for predicting past races in which sitting presidents vie for a second term.

The three key metrics—gauging presidential approval, U.S. satisfaction, and economic confidence—which were in the field from Aug. 31 to Sept. 13, suggest that President Trump has a very difficult road ahead to win reelection, no matter what happens with respect to the vacancy … Read the rest

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Show your pride with a .gay domain

Fifty years ago in New York City, the first “Gay Liberation Day” was organized, marking the first anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. LGBTQ people held flags, banners and heads high as they proclaimed that “Gay is Good!”

Their steps — in broad daylight, marching up New York City’s Sixth Avenue to Central Park — were monumental, instigating widespread media coverage of LGBTQ issues and bringing the modern fight for equality into the public consciousness for the first time. This event is now remembered as the first Pride parade, and to this day its legacy inspires LGBTQ people (and their allies) to bravely demand acceptance and visibility.

The launch of the new .gay domain extension is a meaningful moment in time that increases representation for LGBTQ people around the world. Furthermore, the domain breaks the mold with industry-first policies — which GoDaddy is proud to support — that fund LGBTQ … Read the rest

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Making vaccine is hard. So is shipping at Arctic temp

Making vaccine is hard. So is shipping at Arctic tempA number of the leading COVID-19 vaccines under development will need to be kept at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit) from the moment they are bottled to the time they are ready to be injected into patients’ arms. That will not be easy.

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