Too many diversity initiatives are neglecting junior Black employees. We can fix that

In response to the Black Lives Matter uprising following the death of George Floyd, many corporations have committed to increasing Black representation at the leadership level. Both Microsoft and Uber have pledged to double the number of Black employees in senior positions. Google, Royal Bank of CanadaLloyds Banking Group and HSBC are also among the companies who have publicly announced their plans to increase Black representation in their leadership teams. 

This focus on top positions is part of a growing trend. While efforts to increase diversity have typically been pushed at more junior level positions, over the past few years external think tanks have been closely analyzing diversity in the upper ranks. According to the Center for Talent Innovation, despite accounting for 12% of the U.S. population, Black people hold only 3.2% of leadership roles at large U.S. companies, and there are currently only four Black FortuneRead the rest

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Build a strong and innovative business with a .tech domain name

The digitalization of commerce has allowed many innovative entrepreneurs with great ideas to build their dream businesses. And, a fantastic way to highlight a forward-thinking digital company is by utilizing a .tech domain name.

Stand out online with a .tech domain name

To operate successfully and stand out in this hypercompetitive environment, you need more than just an ingenious idea and zeal.

Every little detail of your business must highlight the artistic and original quality that you stand for.

Focusing on these details is what will give you that competitive edge and make your marketing communication stand out.

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View: Inject some blood into India's anaemic small businesses?

MSME units in India, on the other hand, have existed practically at subsistence level for decades. To move out of this morass would require a recognition that most of the sector here works with almost zero knowledge management, and survives merely because the humongous Indian economy continues to have space for such extraordinarily unproductive and inefficient enterprises.

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These are the states that accepted Trump’s offer for $300 enhanced unemployment benefits

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President Donald Trump signed a memorandum earlier this month that grants $300 enhanced weekly unemployment benefits to out-of-work if their state opts into the program.

As of Tuesday, seven states have been approved to send out $300 per week in federal funds on top of regular unemployment benefits, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

States that have been approved

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Utah

Meanwhile, South Dakota became the first state to turn down the offer, citing a strong economic rebound and no need for the additional aid. The June unemployment rate in South Dakota was 7.2%, compared a 11.1% national jobless rate. FEMA has yet to announce the status of the remaining 42 states.

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Customer Q&A: Delighting an Enterprise Client with Speed and Ease

SIXGUN is one of Melbourne’s leading boutique digital marketing agencies. Founded in 2017 by Managing Director David Pagotto, the agency has also become one of Australia’s fastest-growing, with a dedicated team of professionals who serve as the in-house marketing department for local and international brands alike.  SIXGUN is also a member of WP Engine’s Agency

The post Customer Q&A: Delighting an Enterprise Client with Speed and Ease appeared first on WP Engine.

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View: Nothing wrong in reviewing trade pacts

View: Nothing wrong in reviewing trade pactsCan one unambiguously conclude that all RTAs lead to trade-investment creation? No. The answer is empiricaland depends on specifics of the agreement: how substantial is the agreement? How deep is its coverage? Arelarge chunks of the trade basket left out because of negative lists?

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American Express just bought most of online upstart Kabbage

American Express is acquiring the teams and technology behind the online lender Kabbage as the credit-card giant seeks to provide more loans and other services to small-business owners.

Details of the acquisition talks emerged last week, and AmEx said Monday in a statement that the deal won’t include Kabbage’s pre-existing loan portfolio. Those loans, including ones tied to the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, will be managed and retained by a dedicated entity when the deal is completed, AmEx said. It didn’t disclose other terms of the transaction.

AmEx has been encouraging its credit-card customers to borrow more on its products, and is now bringing that strategy to its small-business unit. Already the largest credit-card issuer in that sector, AmEx will use the deal to offer more cash-flow management tools and working-capital products to mom and pop operations.

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Taxpayers need not disclose high-value transactions in ITR

Officials clarified that only third parties would report high-value transactions to the income tax department as per the Income Tax Act. The information would be used to identify people who are not paying up due taxes, and not for examining affairs of honest taxpayers, they said.

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