Make Money With Pay Per Click Ads and Google AdSense®

If you’ve ever done internet-based marketing, or even thought about it, you’ve probably heard of Google AdWords®. If you own a website, you may have thought about adding Google AdSense® to increase sales.


For those of you who don’t know, Google AdWords® is a marketing method offered by to help you market your business. If you’ve ever done a search on, you’ve seen the link to the right of the main entry. This is a link that the company has set up in Google AdWords. If you click on the link, you pay the company’s price. That means they pay a certain price “per click”. Google is not the only search engine offering this type of marketing. All major search engines offer variations of this.


Google AdSense® is a complement to AdWords

You may have seen websites other than that are showing “Google Ads”. You can set up an AdSense® account at and add Google ads to your web pages. When someone clicks one of the Google Ads links, you get a prize. What you actually get is the result of a very secret “formula” developed by the folks at Again, all major search engines offer similar services.


Here’s how you can create ads on Google AdWords® and get people to just click on them. When people click the link, they are directed to the website of their choice.


You can create web pages with Google AdSense® ads. This web page may be the page you direct people to in your Google AdWords® ad. How big do you see where we’re going with this?


This technique is commonly referred to as “arbitration”. The trick, of course, is getting enough people to click on the AdSense ad on your site to *more than* recoup the price you paid for your AdWords® ad. It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Some people even claim to be making more than $75,000.00 per *month* using this technique.


How you do that?

Well, some AdWords ads cost more than others. The more popular a keyword is with AdWords® marketers, the higher the price per click. For example, a keyword phrase containing the word “insurance” will typically charge a fairly high price per click because other companies are willing to pay more. Other keyword phrases pay very little per click, even as low as $0.05 per click. These keywords can be very valuable if you find the right ones.


In addition, Google AdWords® is generally more expensive per click than other search engine pay-per-click services since is the most popular search engine. You can still drive a lot of traffic to your website if you use other search engine pay per click marketing and you will pay less per click. Some websites to check out are:,, and


After you set up your pay-per-click ads, create pages that display AdSense® ads relatively close to your pay-per-click ads. You design a web page containing any number of keyword phrases for your AdSense® ads. For example, if you were trying to run an AdSense® ad for the phrase “New York Insurance,” you would design a page about insurance in New York. Note that the words “insurance” and “New York” are common (usually about 5% of all words on the page). You want to use these words in your header title and as page titles. You should use Google AdSense® over other search engines because they pay more per click since is more popular.

So now you pay people who click on your link to get to your website with ads that you pay each time they click on your AdSense® ad. If you get it right, you’ll pay more for AdSense® clicks than you would for pay-per-click advertising (typically at least 50% more).


Now you’re wondering how you come up with all those great keyword combinations, right? You need low-paying-per-click keywords to drive people to your webpages that have high-paying keywords. There are several websites that can help you a lot.


  • – can help you learn how many people are searching for a particular keyword, and also provides suggestions for other closely related phrases.


  • – another site that can help you determine how many people are searching for a particular keyword. In addition, the word tracker suggests other similar phrases.


  • – Another site to help you determine the keyword phrases people are searching for.


Now you need to understand that the price of pay-per-click advertising is generally set by the person doing the marketing. For example, if I’m willing to pay only $2.95 per click on a keyword phrase, but my competitor is willing to pay $5.00, my competitor’s ad will always show before mine. In fact, my ad may not be showing at all. You should be able to determine how many people are “bidding” on a particular keyword phrase.


  • – helps you find out how much users are paying per click for specific keyword phrases. It will also suggest closely related phrases.


You can also purchase software that will allow you to keep a close eye on what people are paying and will also help you manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


You will only succeed if you test, test, test your work. Find a keyword phrase pair (1 for your pay-per-click ad, the other for your AdSense® ad) and then design and publish your webpage in combination with your AdSense® keyword phrase. Go to and sign up for an AdSense® account. Get the required “code” for your AdSense® site and paste it into your page (top half and/or bottom middle are usually great). Then set up one or more pay-per-click ads on the lower-paying search engine and pull the trigger.


Once your pay-per-click ad is up and running, monitor it hourly. It won’t take much time before you find out if it works or not. If not, turn off *quick* pay-per-click ads and start over.

Your chances of making money in less than your first 10 attempts are not great. But if you stick with it and learn the game, you can really make money with pay-per-click arbitrage.



Learn how people are making money with a technique called Arbitrage. In a nutshell, you set up pay per click ads to drive traffic to Website that has Google AdSense® ads on it that pay you, per click